Do you invest in pre-season Shooting Instruction?

August 18, 2019



Well the US Wing Shooting Season is about to kick off, so let's take a look a what the average hunter has spent and will be spending:

1. Having my Dog professionally trained circa $3/4,000

2. My favourite hunting Gun circa $1000 to say $3,000

3. Hunt Gear & Apparel circa $1000 all in

4. Cartridges and Fuel to and from hunts circa $1,000


So shall we say for example an average of $8,000, which is a fair amount of hard earned cash.

Oh! sorry forgot to add:

5. Having preseason Shooting Instruction circa $0,000!!!!!


Do you ever wonder why you get that look from your dog when you miss the bird? maybe the clue is in the above!





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