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Consultancy Services

English Sporting Clays Course Design

Since 1990 Keith has been designing and laying out Sporting Clays courses at Club, National and International level.

As a highly experienced sporting clay and wing (game) shot Keith has the skill and ability to recognise and develop the right types of location and terrain that will provide the perfect setting for a Sporting clays course to suite both the recreational and competitive shooter.

The ground chosen should combine important elements that allow stations/stands to be located were target presentations’ can be frequently reset whilst taking in to account the pleasing esthetics of the area. In a good English Sporting course, target presentation should be constantly varied to provide unlimited entertainment and challenges for all levels of shooter.

Target Setting Service

For existing Clubs and shooting grounds Keith provides a Target Setting service for all levels of course and can supply a file of presentation plans to cover a full 12 months operation.


As well as the standard type of course Keith has his own unique Golfgreen (Mini) Sporting Course.

Designed specifically for venues, such as Country Clubs and Hotels where suitable land is limited in size, this new discipline is a Mini version of English Sporting Clays (not to be confused with 5 Stand) and is shot over an area the size similar to a Golf Green. There are 4/5 Shooting Stations set at different angles and locations around the green and each station will have a sequence of targets presented in different formats.

The great advantage with this type of range is that you only need to have 1 to 3/4 greens to offer unlimited target variation, only 5 traps per layout, all Greens can be shot simultaneously , floodlighting can be used to provide evening shooting (increasing revenue) and can easily accommodate up to a full 100 target competition.

Environmental Consideration

As with all outdoor sports there is always some form of impact on the environment but with the correct planning of the facility and utilizing both manmade and natural methods of control, this ensures that any such impact is minimized to acceptable levels, and adopting a code of best operational practice that monitors and maintains the lowest levels practically achievable.

Shooting Club Design & Operation

Since 1990 Keith has been designing and laying out Sporting Clays courses at Club, National and International level.


In 1996 he opened the Jebel Ali Shooting Club in Dubai, setting up the first ever Mini Sporting Clays course to be shot under floodlight.

In 1999 he was invited to South Africa to design a National Clay Target Shooting centre at the prestigious Sun City resort and in 2009 was appointed as the pre Opening Manager for the Al Forsan Shooting Club in Abu Dhabi.

Following this, in 2010 he worked with good friend Mike Davey to set up the first preliminary Sporting Clays course at the Delta Conference Centre in Arkansas and in 2014 was tasked with designing a 5 star Shooting Club for the City of Arbil in Kurdistan.

Having managed the 4,500 Dunira Sporting Estate, Perthshire, in its 2008 inaugural season, Keith now advises and assists Clients  who are considering or looking to invest in the purchase of their  own U.K Sporting Estate for private and commercial use.

In addition to Clay’s course and Club design, Keith provides a full Operational support service to oversee and manage a Clubs pre-opening commissioning period that can include:-


Staff recruitment at all levels and appropriate training, advice on selection of Club Firearms and ammunition, secure armoury storage,range operating procedures and safety protocols.

Keith Coyle Consultancy
keith Coyle Design

Simulated Driven Game/Wing Shooting

Since 2001 Keith has been a leading designer for the newest Shooting Sport of Simulated British Style Driven Game/Wing shooting.

As well as finding the right ground locations (topography) for the various “Drives” needed to simulate a realistic British Style/European shoot, he advises on target presentation, number of Clay traps and equipment required and the format of the day to include the important elements of Hospitality (Food & Beverage) and Shoot Etiquette.

Simulated Driven Shooting is an all year round activity and is a considerable income boost to any Club operation.

Projects are undertaken on a Global basis and all enquiries are treated in the strictest confidence.

SimDriven Wing
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