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I am extremely fortunate to have been tutored in the skills of gun-fitting by the

renowned, Roger Silcox of Roses Wood Shooting School, the world respected

Christopher Craddock, late of Holland & Holland and Sam Grice of The Long

Acres Shooting School, Cambridge.


Over the past 27 years of professional coaching, I have acquired the

knowledge, skills, and experience that are essential for me to provide this service

at the highest level and to establish a reputation that clients, worldwide, can trust.


Whether you are wanting to check the fit of your current gun, looking to have

your favourite gun altered to fit perfectly, buying a bespoke hand built stock, or

having a fully commissioned gun manufactured by one of the U.K.’s or Europe’s

finest gun-makers, please come see me.


To fully appreciate the importance of “Gun Fit” one must understand the basic

principle of shooting a “Shotgun” compared to that of shooting a “Rifle”, a shotgun is pointed, not aimed and was designed around the humans instinctive ability to be able to “Point a Finger” at whatever they are looking at without any conscious thought!

A shotgun barrel is therefore no more than an extended pointing finger that has to be consistently lined up with the dominant eye and the object on which the eye is focused; this is why a Shotgun has to be fitted to the physical characteristics of the user so that the rib of the barrel sits directly under the Iris of the shooters eye, ensuring the gun now shoots directly at the point where the eye looks.

A well fitted gun, one that now shoots to the point where the eye looks, must also control the effects of recoil and must be comfortable on the shoulder and face, so that there is no risk of bruising or injury during prolonged use.

Keith Coyle Gun Fitting
Keith Coyle Gun Fitting

Gun fitting is as much of an art as it is a science and my own fitting chart indicates the basic measurements and information required.


There are two vital elements that ensure a perfect Gun Fit is achieved and these are a Correct & Consistent Gun Mount Technique and a Correct Stance, so every Gun Fit session begins with an evaluation and refinement of these essentials.


To obtain the appropriate measurements certain gauges and tools are required, plus if available the use of an adjustable “Try Gun”.


The other basic requirement is a “Pattern Plate”, a six foot

square steel plate which is painted white and mounted on a frame.

Shooting at the central point on a pattern plate from several specific distances, provides the fitter with precise information for calculating the final adjustments to “Stock Cast” and “Height of the Comb".


Although it is possible to shoot an unfitted gun, there will always be some type of compromise in your stance, style, and/or technique. This means, over time, you will inevitably incorrectly fit yourself to the gun to get an eye-barrel alignment and doing this will prevent you from achieving your full

shooting potential.


Having a shotgun fitted is like having a fine hand tailored Saville Row suite or a hand crafted set of golf clubs made specifically for you, this applies be it for a commissioned  built shotgun from one of the fine gun makers or altering an off the shelf model from more commercial producers such as Beretta or Browning.


A properly fitted Gun will ensure you enjoy successful and comfortable shooting for many years to come.

Recent Gun-Fitting Details - Mr Gus Kalpake

To view details of a recent bespoke gun-fitting for passionate Driven Wing Shooting enthusiast Mr Gus Kalpake please click the link below....

Bespoke Gun Fitting - Mr Gus Kalpake

Keith Coyle Gun Fitting
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