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Novice Introduction

To Clay Target Shooting’

Novice Introductory Course to Clay Target Shooting

The Father & Son, Dad & Daughter ‘Introduction to Clay Shooting’ course is for a maximum of

4 Adults & 4 Juniors.


All the equipment that you will need, such as a suitable size gun, hearing protection and eye

protection is provided and all clay targets and cartridges are included.


Just make sure you bring along your favourite Cap (Baseball or Flat) that has a peak to it.

In the comfort of the Green Acres Lodge the session begins with a short explanationon the

principles of shooting a flying target with a shotgun and how all we are going to need to do is

“Just Point” and not “Aim” the gun, because we are going to play a simple “Hand & Eye”

co-ordination game that will put a large cloud of pellets on the flight path of the Clay for it to fly

into, it’s that easy!

Next, is to get you used to handling the Gun in the correct way, this will involve standing in the

right way (Stance), how to hold the Gun properly, securely and safely and then how to bring the

Gun correctly up to your face and place into the shoulder (The Gun Mount).

It is quite normal that if you have never handled a shotgun before you will feel a littlenervous

about picking one up and firing it but let me put your mind at rest, providing you stand correctly

and mount the Gun properly you will not feel any effects from the “Recoil” and suffer any

discomfort or bruising to the shoulder or cheek.

After a short Gun Mounting practice session, during which we will establish your“Dominant Eye”,

and most importantly, the Safe and correct way to handle the shotgun when opening it to load a

cartridge, closing it in readiness to shoot and then how to open it to eject and remove the spent

cartridges, we will move to the shooting ground.

Correct Gun Mount Keith Coyle
'The Right Way'
'The Wrong Way'
Keith Coyle Instructing Leah Jaques

Here, after running through the necessary safety procedures, using an appropriate training target we will start with some basic pointing practice and “Dry Run” shooting. Once you are comfortable and ready to go, we will load and with a little assistance from me, you call “Pull” for that first target.

Having now broken your very first clay we will proceed with the lesson and develop your skill, as you shoot more varied targets, at a pace which is suitable for you!

The all inclusive fees package per Adult & Junior is $375.00 which will include all Instruction, use of suitable Gun if required, Clays and Cartridges, Eye & Hearing protection (clients are welcome to bring their own).

On arrival Hot/Cold Drinks & Cookies are served and at the end of the day a Scrumptious Green Acres “Homemade Tower” burger Lunch will be provided.

For more information and dates available please call Keith at the Green Acres Club Office on 217 395 2588.

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