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'The Trifecta'

After twenty-months of hard work here at the Green Acres Sportsman's Club, The Trifecta saw the creation of a little bit of England in Illinois.

Comprised of three signature events, held over three consecutive days, I was honoured to be the 'Shoot Captain' for this British Style, Driven Shooting Extravaganza.

Below is a short video from the day one.

Downton Day was a Simulated Driven shoot, featuring unique British Moorland Grouse Butts being used for the very first time, for the very first Simulated Driven Grouse drive shot in America.

If you wanted to try your hand at shooting fast, low flying, weaving birds then join me on the next Downton Day @ Green Acres, Illinois

Its great fun for both the Sporting Clay's enthusiast and the dedicated Wing shooter!


Day 2 was the “La Grande Battue”, French for “The Big Beaten Drive”, brought together all the elements of a great shoot.

We warmed up the barrels by shooting multiple clay targets from a 60 foot tower. Then, it was on to confront the 300 pheasants released from two woodland-concealed towers.

Pegs were strategically placed around the towers’ circumference and we rotated periodically.

Here's a short video of the day.


Day 3: Continental Mallards Shoot

Unlike the traditional American duck hunt, there were no blinds, waders or camouflage for this Continental Mallards Shoot.

Shooting pegs were located on the shoreline, positioned in the flight path of the driven ducks. Shooters experienced high-flying Mallards filling the sky above. Pegs were rotated periodically and the drives ended when we reached our bag of 300

As is customary in the British hunting tradition, all of the events included full hospitality: breakfast, traditional "Elevensies" and a post-shoot three-course gourmet supper, with wine pairings.

Here's a short video of the day.


What a great three days!

I won't lie to you, when the events were finished, the piper had played us out and the guns had all gone home, I was more than a little knackered.

Knackered, but very proud with how things had gone.

Best wishes


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