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Ten simple faults that can be found through self-analysis

Ten simple faults that can be found by self-analysis


1. Miss behind - stance turned too much toward the trap. Run out of swing.

2. Miss underneath - As above resulting in rolled shoulders.

GUN MOUNT (eye-rib alignment)

3. Miss over the top - Eye too high over the rib

4. Changing eye dominance - Due to eye being too low on rib or behind action. Cannot see the target with master eye, causing the opposite to take over the as dominant eye, this causes the gun to be either too far in front or too far behind.

5. Stopping the gun - Looking at the gun to check eye-rib alignment and “Aiming!”

6. Miss over the top - Eye too low, lifting head to see the target resulting in the barrels going up.


7. Miss in front - Target beats you making you move the gun too fast in order to catch up, resulting in the barrels overtaking the target out of control.

8. Miss in front - Start too far out and then apply lead.

9. Miss over the top -Muzzles too low under flight line, creates uncontrolled upward movement to get onto the target line which results in barrels going over the target (can also cause next fault).

10. Miss underneath - Caused by over compensating when you realise the gun is too high above the target. The dreaded “See-Saw” barrel movement!

Remember, Good Shooting & Safe Shooting Are No Accident!

Best wishes... Keith..


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