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Following on from the coaching program I worked on with Mike Graves during his visit, I thought this would be a subject to consider for this Sunday.


When shooting Sporting Clays competitively, in my opinion, the key to success is not just about knowing the right amount of “lead” (distance in front) to give a specific target, its more about “Proper Planning and Preparation”, before you even think about shooting, you have to have a plan of approach to the targets you are about to take on.

Your plan must consist of a visual pickup-point, hold-point and break-point for each target. First, identify your break-point – the position in the sky (or on the ground) along the target lines in which you are most confident breaking the targets. This is the precise point at which the target comes into sharp focus and seems to slow down visually.

Ideally, the target should be moving at a fairly constant speed and direction (not dying or dropping off the flight line) at the break-point. Identify your visual pick-up point – the area on the target flight line where you are first able to clearly see the target after it emerges from the trap. Establish a hold point for the first target. The hold point is to be positioned along the flight path of the target between the pick-up point and the break-point and is where you orient the barrel of your gun just prior to calling for the target.

For the second target of a pair, identify a point where your eyes and muzzle should go immediately after discharging the first shot. This will allow you to efficiently pick-up the target with your eyes and ALIGN your gun with the target line of the second target.

If you plan well, you will always know where your gun and eyes should be oriented throughout your execution of shooting the target pair. If you start from the right place (the hold point), and stay on the path (the target line) through the break-point of each target, consistency and higher scores will result. With time and practice, this pre-shot planning process will become second nature to you.

REMEMBER THE 7 P's!!!!!!!


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