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Bespoke Gun Fitting - Mr Gus Kalpake

Post Preface.....

“I am extremely fortunate to have been tutored in the skills of gun-fitting by three of the United Kingdoms most respected Shooting Guardians. The renowned, Roger Silcox of Roses Wood Shooting School, the world respected Christopher Craddock, (late) of Holland & Holland and Sam Grice of The Long Acres Shooting School, Cambridge”

In October 2016, experienced hunter and passionate Driven Wing Shooting enthusiast Mr Gus Kalpake was recommended through an existing client for tuition in relation to High Pheasant targets and to develop the skills required for 'Double Gunning', prior to heading off to the UK to attend 'Driven Shoot Dates' at an estate renowned for its outstanding 'High Birds'

As part of our coaching sessions a review of Gus's existing gun (Beretta S687 ELL Diamond Pigeon) was carried out with a resulting stock alteration made to provide a perfect fit.

After shooting very well at the dates attended in the UK, Gus returned to the States with a desire to purchase his own bespoke hand built matched pair of guns

After receiving several recommendations Gus selected the American makers, Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company, under the Direction of Anthony Galazan, to produce a matched pair of their excellent A10s O/U 'Rose & Scroll Sidelocks'

Now back in the States and guns selected we carried out a full comprehensive Gun-Fit appraisal over two further sessions. On completion, full specifications were submitted to Lou Frutuoso to work his professional magic.

Delivery of the guns was made last Wednesday and on Thursday Gus returned to meet with me at Green Acres Sportsman's Club here in Illinois.

The guns have been superbly hand crafted with matching wood and hardened case finish in my opinion as good a match to any fine gun produced in the UK and Europe. The balance and handling is absolutely first class, and perfect for use in both the Field and on the Sporting Clays course.

Having assembled the guns, the moment of truth was upon us as Gus mounted Gun one for the first time in the mirror. It came up beautifully to his cheek with the rib smack spot on under the Iris of his eye. Mounting gun two resulted in an equally perfect fit!

Moving out to the shooting school Gus had the pleasure of firing the first few shots though both guns. Using the pattern plate each Gun had precisely the same point of impact and shot exactly to where the eye was looking.

With this established we moved on to shoot a sequence of driven targets thrown from the high tower. With the combination of a first-class gun mount and perfectly-fitting guns, Gus successfully broke target after target with over 90% feeling the force of a full pattern.

So, it just remains for me now, to thank Gus for putting his trust in my skills and to say what a superb job 'Anthony Galazan and his team' have done in producing two very fine guns that Gus can take pride in owning and successfully shooting for many years to come.

Best wishes ... Keith


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