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Kind words from Richard Frantz

Hi Keith,

I just wanted to let you know I appreciate your articles immensely. Your rabbit post reminded me I needed to contact you and say thanks.

I never had any issue with rabbits, then I started learning maintained lead and my rabbit killing ceased. I was one of those when a rabbit field appeared the fear of missing crept up or I should say I had no consistent plan .

Thanks to your article I now have a plan for practice and tournament day. Yes it took some practice, and realization things wouldn't change overnight.

Today the fear is gone, instead of 0000x000 the cards are x0x0x0x0, 50% or some days better tells me the system is working, just keep practicing. Thanks again Keith for sharing your knowledge.

Following e-mail

Hi Keith

Today shot my home course. As I walked towards field 3, I felt a wave of panic and fear start. Immediately confronted it and asked the conscious mind why, we have a plan.

The feelings were replaced by a calm relaxed state, some say confident. As we can see change does take time. Yes it was a rabbit station, yes today each rabbit was broken.

After my first year of shooting competitively, something was wrong. Keith when I came across your articles on practicing, the information was devoured. Immediately the 3p system was incorporated, especially on tournament day on a field where as I stood in the box, the conscious mind would start acting up.

Keith you may certainly use any of our correspondence as I totally agree on the mis information, be it the web or as I've found instructors as well.

Thank you again for sharing the wealth of knowledge.


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