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Editorial Team of the Upland Project,

I am exceptionally pleased to announce that I have been invited to join and will be a long term contributor to the Editorial Team of the Upland Project, part of the Northwoods Collective Group, for their new online magazine, web podcasts and videos:

This is an amazingly exciting leap forward for me, as the Group will also be supporting the publishing of my definitive book on "Shotgun Shooting Skills for the Wing & Clay Shot",

"We are pleased to confirm that we have engaged Mr. Keith Coyle to be a core contributor to our editorial team both in print and web. We have also come to terms to provide publishing services for Mr. Coyle’s book on the Churchill Method of shooting, as he is the world’s foremost authority on the topic.

Mr. Coyle is peerless in regards to his expertise on the subjects of gun-fitting and shotgunning and we are counting on him as a valued member of our organization for the foreseeable future."

Chet Hervey

Managing Partner, Business Affairs Northwoods Collective,

My sincerest thanks to Creative Director A.J.DeRosa, Managing Partner Chet Hervey, Nick Larson Pod Cast Director and good friend John Nordine, who was the man that enabled all this to happen.

I am now busy in writing and compiling my first of many articles to come and look forward to providing my full professional support for this outstanding organisation that champions the ideals and ethics of Traditional Hunting worldwide.

Best wishes..... Keith

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