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Recently I have received several inquiries with regard to our Clay shooting courses and in particular why I refer to our Sporting course as "true English Sporting', here is a brief and basic explanation:

With regard to the term "English", all Sporting Clays are in a sense referred to as English Sporting Clays, as this is where it was invented, it only came to America in 1982.

The course is set to be "balanced" with target presentations for all levels of shooter from Novice to Competition standard. A good course has an equal amount of targets set with both the Left and Right handed shot in mind.

Also report pairs should be set so that the Shooter does not have to move their feet for the second Bird, if the angle is such and they do have to move their feet then this is technically a F.I.T.A.S.C. target, good report pairs should have rhythm to the shot and the targets should at some point on their flight lines have a common crossing (converging) point. A true Sporting course should have a good variety of presentations and should NOT have the majority of targets set going away or retreating from the Stand.


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