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Another brilliant video from Dave Carrie

Another brilliant video from Dave Carrie, I'm not going to say much, other than sit back and enjoy it.

For my American friends and clients, this is referred to as "Game Shooting" it is not "Hunting"!!, as the game (birds) is not Tracked or Stalked as a deer would be.

You need to understand that "Brits" have never hunted, because there has never been any free land, that was all owned either by the King (or Queen) or his mates the Dukes ( and subsequently the Moneyed aristocracy) and if you were hunting, you were poaching! and getting caught doing that was not a good idea!

Driven Game shooting is not just for the "Toffs" or the "Elite", these days it's open to all, of course you need the cash but hey! any hunter around the world always needs to have that!.

For example Dave has been a hard working normal bloke that has earned his days by "Hard Graft", as they say in Yorkshire.

So if you are an avid Upland or Grouse "hunter" good on you, but don't knock what other people do,as long as it preserves the countryside and puts money into conservation and keeping field sports alive, along with providing much needed employment! then long may it continue, and if you think you can shoot!!!! then you need to try shooting some of these magnificent pheasants, that have been nurtured by the incredible hard work of the Game Keepers and their damned hard working staff!

Sit back and enjoy 'The Mighty Brigands'

(Dave Carrie Shooting)

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