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A very rewarding job all round!

It's been a beautiful day here in Roberts, Illinois and it got off to a brilliant start for me, as my great friend and colleague Mark Hinkle brought along two Guns he had worked on and altered for friend and Pupil Eric Kruger.

The guns in the picture are a Citori 16 g and a 20 g, they both originally had the "Pointed Toe" to the base of the butt plate, so commonly found on "Field Guns" ,which is completely wrong for shooting "Upland" style birds and both had the overweight for-ends, meaning they were extremely unbalanced, front hand heavy and didn't absorb much of the recoil.

So after Eric spent some time with me perfecting his Gun Mount technique, this enabled me to establish correct stock measurements, which meant they could go to Mark for adjustment and new Butt pads plus he worked his magic and placed additional weight in the stock that re-balanced the guns perfectly!!!

After mounting the gun a couple of times in the Gun room mirror, we went to the pattern plate and fired only 1 shot, which was all that was needed to show that the barrels now pointed to the exact spot where Eric's eye was looking!!

Now Eric has two wonderful Guns that enable him to shoot to his full potential and get maximum enjoyment from all his Hunting and recreational shooting, that is down to taking on new information and then practising it to develop his technique and skills combined with a properly fitting Gun/s.

A very rewarding job all round!

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