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Keith Coyle

The Grand Battue

The Grand Battue Driven Driven Tower Shoot 

“The Grand Battue”, The Big Beaten Drive, brings together all of the elements of a great shoot, from warming up the barrels shooting multiple clay targets from our 60’ Tower simulated High Pheasant Drive, in readiness to tackle the live Driven Pheasant drives from our two woodland concealed towers.

The day will begin, as always, with breakfast during which the Shoot Captain will provide a brief on the various “Drives”, Safety Rules and Etiquette requirements. Following this will be the Traditional “Drawing of Pegs”, to allocate your place in the line and then Guns will move to the field.

Here you will start with a Simulated Drive of high pheasants from the Famous Green Acres Tower; this is followed by the first Driven Pheasant release from “Tower 1” of 150 birds over 5 rotations.

At 11 am we stop for the traditional “Elevensies” mid morning break for snacks and drinks.

The Grand Day Finale’ is a second Drive of 150 Pheasants released over 5 rotations from our brand new Tower.

With Shooting completed Guns return to the Clubhouse for a traditional Home-cooked Gourmet Post Shoot dinner served with matched wines.

This 300 bird release shoot is strictly limited to 12 Guns. Full hospitality is included and British Shooting or American Classic Attire is preferred (so please leave your blaze orange and/or camouflage attire at home).

As well as joining us on our pre-planned Shoot/Hunt events you can also book your own day for Private Groups or Corporate Parties, so if you would like to plan ahead for this seasons Shoot please call the Green Acres Club office where either John, Keith and Dan will be pleased to advise.


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