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The Marquis Of Ripon 'Twenty-Eight Bird Challenge'

August & September 2017

Beretta Shotguns - Gamebore Cartridges - Wild Hare Clothing  - Green Acres Sportsman's Club

Oh My Lord!

Limited Entrant Event

The Marquis,


He was, without question, Top Gun - the greatest game shot Britain has ever produced.

Lord Ripon, never a man to hide his light under a bushel, kept records to prove it.

From 1867, until he dropped dead in the heather after a successful day's grouse shooting in 1923, meticulously inscribed game books record that he accounted for a staggering 556, 813 head.

Pheasants were his prime target - he downed no fewer than 229, 976 at his Yorkshire estate of Studley Royal and other leading estates between 1867 and 1895 alone.

A close friend of George V, he maintained his extraordinary shooting skills to the end, dying with gun in hand at Dallowgill Moor, near Ripon, aged 71, in 1923, after a drive in which he had bagged 51 grouse.

It was once noted that the 'The Marquis' bagged 'Twenty-Eight Pheasants' in a single minute of shooting utilising his preferred 'two loaders' 'three guns' system. 

The Marquis of Ripon 'Twenty-Eight Bird Challenge'

3  Guns  -  2  Loaders  -  1  minute  -  28  Birds

Can you beat The Marquis?

August - September 2017

Hosted by -  Mr Keith Coyle

Venue - Green Acres Sportsman's Club , Roberts , Illinois

  • High Gun Winner - Beretta Parallelo worth $6,000

  • Runner Up - 1000 Gamebore White Gold Cartridges

  • Third Place - Wild Hare Shooting Jacket & Gun Bag

This event is limited to 28 entrants only.

To be in with the chance of competing as one of the 8 finalists -

Qualifying for this event will take place throughout the month of August.

Each qualifying event will host a group of 7 shots with the 2 best scores from each group qualifying for the final event.


Practice rounds for all finalists will be available on the 2nd and 9th of September

Qualification Dates

Saturday August -  5th - 12th - 19th - 26th

Event Final

Saturday September 16th

The Marquis of Ripon 'Twenty-Eight Bird Challenge'

3  Guns  -  2  Loaders  -  1  minute  -  28  Birds

Can you beat The Marquis?

Qualification Event Dates & Details

Qualification rounds for the final of this fast and furious event will take place on Saturday the 5th - 12th - 19th & 26th of August 2017

Each event will host of 7 competitors with the 2 highest scoring shots progressing to the final shoot off being held on September 16th 2017

A one-hour time slot will be allocated to each competitor to record his/her best score from 2 attempts


Each competitor will receive a full safety briefing as well as dry fire practice runs in using the 3 gun 2 loaders method as part of their one-hour time allowance.

Each competitor must perform a dry run with loaders to the umpires satisfaction prior to starting.

Each competitor will use a trio of side-by-side shotguns kindly provided by Beretta USA

Each competitor will use cartridges kindly provided by Gamebore

The one-minute timer will start on the first shot.

Two attempts will be allowed within the one-hour allowance.

Two top scores will qualify for the 'Marquis of Ripon Twenty-Eight-Bird Challenge Final'

In the event of tied qualifying scores a shots fired to targets hit ratio will be applied

The umpires ruling is final.

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