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Keith Coyle

Tuition That Fits

Coaching & Tuition That Suits Your Experience & Requirements

With access to the widest possible range of clay targets at The Green Acres British

Shooting School, all types of Sporting Clay and Wing Shooting presentations can

be simulated during lessons.


Whether you are a complete novice, a Seasoned Hunter or Competition Clay

Shooter, time spent at the Shooting school is time well invested, especially in the

early stages of a shooting career.


During my time as a professional Instructor I am proud to have taught shooters

from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, all with varying amounts of



For the Wing/Game shooter, all types of traditional British and American game birds can be simulated in realistic settings and any particular problem can be addressed and corrected.


For the Clay Shooter, I have a wide range of suitable training targets for both the

Sporting Clay and F.I.T.A.S.C enthusiast to develop their individual skill at all levels.


For the novice shooter, instruction begins in the Clubhouse learning the basic

bedrock skills of Correct Gun Mount and Stance.


Then at the right time we move to the School area where Clients will shoot targets

that have been specifically designed to develop a correct and proper technique,

which will create success and instill confidence in the early stages of the learning


Keith Coyle Green Acres Sportsman's Club
High Tower Green Acres
Keith Coyle Coaching
Keith Coyle Instruction
Keith Coyle Tuition

Individual & Group Lessons 

Half-Day, Full Day & Residential Shooting Courses  

Seminars for Sporting Clay enthusiasts and the Wing/Game Shooter

For more details & enquiries regarding tuition that suits you. Please select from the list below and get in touch

  • Beginners Introduction to Shotgun Sports Shooting

  • Instruction in Sporting Clay’s beginner to intermediate level - Inclusive Of Gun Fit Review

  • Instruction in Sporting or F.I.T.A.S.C Clays at Competition - Inclusive Of Gun Fit Review

  • Instruction in Driven Wing/Game shooting & the 'Churchill Instinctive Method'

  • Instruction in Upland/Walked up Wing Shooting

  • Information on Courses and Seminars for British Style Driven Wing/Game

  • Information on Courses and Seminars for American Style Walked Up/ Upland Hunting

  • Residential Coaching Courses for Wing or Clay Shooters (Individuals & Groups)

  • Arranging a Shooting Seminar/Course at My Shooting Club.

  • Arranging for Keith to accompany me for Shooting Instruction in the Field.

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