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Well, what a month it's been.

August couldn't have started in a more positive fashion.

Here's why.

“Hi Keith.... I find the information on your site excellent and very helpful. It's nice to know someone of your calibre will share quality information. Very much appreciated”.

All the very best.... Graham Sanderson.

Hi Keith,

Thanks so much for all the articles and I'll follow your recommendations, to print and use as a reference store. As I move further into the sport, I'm convinced your teaching and guidance will be invaluable, and I repeat my thanks for sharing your knowledge so future is in your hands!

You're a very generous gentleman. Kind regards..... Peter.

When I receive comments like this, I feel that's it a great compliment to my coaching mentors Roger Silcox, Chris Craddock and Sam Grice.... As I say to people... “I'm no genius, I was just hugely fortunate to be taught by genius's.

Moving on...

The new target presentations set at the beginning of the month proved to be very popular with both existing and new visitors at Green Acres Sportsman's Club. With some ideal weather conditions the 'Sporting Clays' 'Rabbit Skeet' '5 Stand' & 'High Towers' saw some great shooting.

The 'Fryday' Sporting Clay's league had a new team leading the field as the month began with The 'Hometown Boys' 352/400 pushing 'Marks Marauders' 347/400 into 2nd place and 'Hinkles Hotshots' 316/400 into 3rd

4th, 5th, & 6th as the month began were 'Missed but Not Gones' 286/400, 'Smokin Joes' 228/400 &'The Reds' 222/400

Newsletter & website update update

After sharing some of my shooting articles on social media I was overwhelmed with the positive responses and requests for copies of some other articles from my library.

Subscriber requests for my coming newsletters have been very high and I would like to thank all those who are now on my mailing list & awaiting a newsletter to hit their inbox soon.

Work is ongoing to create a members page & library for the website and will hopefully be in place very soon.

The 12th of August –. The start of the Grouse shooting season in the UK. Truly, the sport of Kings!

I'd be lying if I said I didn't think of home on The Glorious 12th.

Although not able to be on 'The Moors' myself this year It was nice to take some comfort in a great day of coaching at Green Acres.

“Had another great wing shooting lesson with Keith today at Green Acres Sportsman's Club. He has helped me tremendously!!”..... Jon Huitink

From the middle of the month was about preparing for the Sept 1st Dove Day which began with a morning of Simulated Dove targets for our guests to experience and get their 'eye in'.Followed by an afternoon of live hunting.

The day was a fantastic success....

This was the Clubhouse at the post shoot Diner Friday night, all agreed it was one of the best opening Dove Days in recent years!

The middle of the month also included meeting with Jeanie Ziegler and her son Alex who enjoyed an afternoon shooting of English Sporting and the rather unique "Rabbit Skeet".

If meeting with Jeanie & Alex wasn't nice enough, I also has the pleasure of providing a shooting lesson with one of the most amazing characters I have met in a long, long while, a great Gent Norman Lange, ex Viet Nam veteran.

Not only did Norman take on new techniques and information, he applied them with both success and style!!

The hour lesson extended into nearly two hours as much of the time was spent laughing at his past exploits!

Days like these make my work such a pleasure.

Being part of

“Dan and his team trained my Chesapeake Gauge and I just can't say enough how awesome the training was. If you are even thinking, considering, wondering where to send your dog - this is the place if you are serious in wanting a dog that comes back so well trained that you wonder if it is the same pup that you sent there.

I am so proud of our Chesapeake and to give you an idea, this dog Gauge is now a therapy dog for Shriners Hospital for Kids in Chicago. It's not the dog - it was its training. No Chesapeake that I know unless well trained could be a therapy dog for a kids hospital. That should be proof positive that if you want a dog to be obedient (and every big dog owner should want and require that) send it to Green Acres. If you want an amazing hunting dog and a hunting retriever champion - again send your dog to Green Acres.”

On a personal note..... Its an honour to work alongside someone who shares such a passion for his work as I do for mine.

With the month far from finished there was still plenty of time for the hosting of a bachelor party, corporate function, gun-fits & lessons.

It's certainly been a busy time.

The month was finally finished off with the hosting and shoot captaining of the Downton Day this weekend passed.

Best wishes


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