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200 Bird bag British Driven Mallard shoot.

Last Saturday we hosted a 200 Bird bag British Driven Mallard shoot.

The team of 5 Guns shot spectacularly well and a great day was had by all.

The "Three Amigos" in the photo from left to right are:

Mr. Ross Kellerman, Mr. Gus Kalpake & Mr. Evan Mammas.

Great weather, High Flying Mallards, Great Food & Great Company, what more could you want!.

In the days to follow I received this wonderful correspondence from Evan Mammas


I had a wonderful time and it was an experience that will be treasured . . .

I truly enjoyed having had the opportunity to meet you under circumstances which was fun for all . . .

I truly had a great time, the companionship was also great and the food was beyond superb. . .

Thank you Gus for including me . . and thank you all for such a nice way to spend a Saturday morning and afternoon.

Best regards


I am sincerely humbled to receive these kind of correspondences. Makes it all worth while.


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