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Loss Of Form

"You don't miss them because you can't hit them, you miss them because you're not doing it right."


All shooters eventually reach their own peak of performance and for a while success may seem easy to achieve. Sooner or later a slump or loss of form will take place.

When this occurs it is a waste of time and money for the majority of shooters to try and shoot themselves back into top form on their own, this is the time to put "EGO" aside and seek the help of a Professional Instructor, not some one who is just a "Good Shot" but someone who has been trained to teach and has the experience to observe and correctly evaluate your own shooting ability.

It takes many years to become a professional shotgun coach and to be able see the faults that occur in the three to five seconds it takes to execute a shot

With their help, consideration can be given to the facts that need to be taken into account, such as the shooters physical and mental state,subconscious bad habits and inefficiencies in technique, even the cartridges and ultimately the gun itself!.

Regards, Keith.


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