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Sporting Clays Course Setting

Since recently posting some photos of the Green Acres Sporting Clay course that I redesigned and refurbished, I have been asked what is the hardest course I have ever had to set, was it a British Sporting Championships?, was it an English Open or European Championships?

Most are surprised when I say No! they weren't, to be honest the hardest courses to set are Club courses, as these have to have something for everyone from the novice to the competitive shot. The club course has to be the one that makes money everyday, by being entertaining, challenging and fun to shoot for all levels.

Championship competition courses and targets are set at one particular level because these are shot in a "Class" structure, so say at AAA you are looking for a wining score out of 100 in the very top 90's knowing you will get a winner in C class in region of mid to late 70's.

No matter what level the course is set at, all the targets should be hitable, in my opinion a good course is designed to "Challenge, not Defeat!".


For those that haven't visited Green Acres in a while this is a quick picture tour of our English Sporting Clay's Course Stands. We also have a great 5 Stand layout and our Unique "Rabbit Skeet" too


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