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A Thought For a Shooters Sunday: A lesson in Photos.

Having received numerous requests, here is the return of “A Shooters Thought For A Sunday” and following the popularity of a recent post once again it’s a “Lesson In Photos”.

I am delighted to say that the Young Lady subject of the lesson is my Daughter Lucy, who recently came from England with her elder Sister for a vacation here at Green Acres. Although all our children have grown up with shooting and had taken their first shots in their early years, I never pressed them to take up the sport until they themselves felt ready to have a go.

So you can imagine how pleased I was when Lucy said she wanted to have a proper lesson and to start out, so here is the lesson in photo sequence, where we start as always with Gun Mount, Stance and Dominant eye evaluation. Lucy is left handed so in this case she is lucky that her left eye is dominant, which is the case for 98% of females, be they left or right handed. The reason that 98% of females are opposite dominant eye is that they use both sides of the Brain and we Males do not and gentlemen that is a “Medical Fact Jack!”

Once I had fitted the Gun to Lucy, we went off to shoot the basic incomer target to encourage “Pointing” and learn how the barrels are just an extension of the pointing finger, with the front hand being the motive force in lifting and moving the gun.

We moved on to shooting the target from various angles until she was shooting it as a direct crosser from both left and right. The lesson went according to plan, as always for beginners and resulted in her achieving a high level of success that has left her with an enthusiasm to continue and take up the sport seriously.

Please see slideshow below

And I am yet again a very proud Dad!.


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