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Loyal Order Of Dedicated Grouse Hunters

I am privileged to have recently been inducted into the Loyal Order Of Dedicated Grouse Hunters by shooting pupil and friend Dan Grochowski. After only two sessions here at the school, (which Dan makes a round trip journey of 7 hours) he has mastered with great effect the "Churchill Instinctive" method of shooting for his Sporting Clays, Driven Wing and Upland shooting. I received this short message from Dan a few days ago: Dan Grochowski Mon, 29 Apr, 17:48 (3 days ago) to me,

Thanks Keith, I really had a great time. Traveling down to see you is well worth the time. I did some practice the next day and did fine with a wide variety of shots. I also did a rabbit station and killed 7 of 8. The only one I missed was when the range officer stopped to watch me. Guess I couldn’t handle the pressure of an audience!


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