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Novice, Seasoned Hunter or Competition Clay Shooter?

Whether you are a complete novice, a Seasoned Hunter or Competition Clay Shooter, time spent at the Shooting school is time well invested, especially in the early stages of a shooting career.

During my time as a professional Instructor I am proud to have taught shooters from all walks of life, young and old, male and female, all with varying amounts of experience.

For the Wing/Game shooter, all types of traditional British and American game birds can be simulated in realistic settings and any particular problem can be addressed and corrected.

For the Clay Shooter, I have a wide range of suitable training targets for both the Sporting Clay and F.I.T.A.S.C enthusiast to develop their individual skill at all levels.

All coaching sessions begin in the Clubhouse covering the basic bedrock skills of Correct Gun Mount, Stance and a review of Gun Fit, which will include time at the Pattern Plate to establish correct “Point Of Impact” which indicates the barrels are shooting at the exact point the eye is focused on.

Then at the right time we move to the School area where Clients will shoot targets that have been specifically designed to develop a correct and proper technique, which will create success and install confidence.

I operate the school Wednesday through to Sunday, to book your lesson you can email me at, telephone the club office on 1 271 395 2588.

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