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Online one-to-one lessons

Good evening to all, I will start replying to enquiries during the day tomorrow, as it's been a very busy weekend for me at Green Acres, Shoot Captaining the last of our seasons Driven shoots.

So latest news is that I am organising payment method for the online one to one Lessons and when sessions will go up for booking.

Also I hope to have the online Coaching series "Only Perfect Practice" up for sale by the end of

this week, Producer and brain behind the project Scott Saver from 'Broadleaf Productions' is burning the midnight oil in finishing the editing of the 3 current episode/lessons, which are:

1. The Fundamentals & Techniques for successful Shotgun shooting for the Wing & Sporting Clay shot.

2. Introduction to and the Fundamentals for shooting Sporting Clays at all levels.

3. A Full Introduction to British Driven Wing Shooting & Techniques required for success in the Field for Grouse, Partridge & High Pheasant.

Here is the last teaser for the series and its the introduction sequence from Shotgun Shooting Fundamentals.

If this is of interest to you please send a message direct through my own Facebook Page or via my Contact Page

Best Wishes..... Keith

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