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Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect - The Series

September 19, 2019

Here is a very brief teaser extract from my upcoming on line video series 'Only Perfect Practice Makes Perfect", its from the first generic lesson episode "Bedrock Skills for Successful Shotgun Shooting".

The Lesson videos will be some 60 minutes plus in length and the series will have separate episodes for Sporting Clays Shooting, Wing Shooting covering, Driven, Walked Up/Upland and Waterfowl.

Episodes will be available to pu...

November 14, 2017

When is a missed shot, not a wasted shot?

In my opinion, it’s the one when you know not just where you missed it but more importantly, why you missed it!

Or are you one of those shooters that suffer from “What’s Hit is History and What’s Missed is a Mystery” syndrome, someone who struggles to achieve consistency, who goes out one Sunday, has a good day breaking targets and then the following week has a bad day’s shooting, missin...

November 7, 2017


Please do not take the title of this editions article too literally and shoot straight at the high tower, doing this tends to upset the ground owner as you are likely to scratch the paintwork on his traps!

What I mean by “Shooting Straight at the High Tower” is developing a technique that will enable you to consistently hit high flying targets whether they are either inanimate Clays...

November 7, 2017

'Shooting Straight At Competition'.

To help illustrate this article, I am privileged to have been granted permission to use extracts from the Roger Silcox instructional video “Shooting Straight At Competition”, which I assisted in the making of during 1993 at the Roundwood Shooting Ground, Hampshire.

Over the previous two articles we have reviewed in depth the correct techniques for shooting gun down using the “Parallel Mount”,...

November 7, 2017


This article is dedicated to my personal friend and Coaching Mentor, Roger Silcox, who I worked for at the Roses Wood Shooting School from 1991 to 1993 full time, and then as a Locum Coach till 1998 when he retired.

I am privileged to have been granted permission to use extracts from the instructional video “Shooting Straight”, which I assisted in the making of in 1991, to illustrate this article. I will for...

November 7, 2017


In the last article I described the 5 commonly recognized methods or systems of how to apply forward allowance (or lead) to a moving target when using a sporting shotgun and at the end of the article I promised to reveal to you the closely guarded secret Sixth system that will turn you into the envy of your shooting Friends & Buddies. So! Bolt all the doors close the curtains and nail crooked pi...

November 6, 2017

'Ahead Of The Game'

No aspect of Shotgun Shooting fascinates and frustrates sportsmen quite so much as the question of “Forward Allowance” or “Lead”.

Eavesdrop on any conversation at a Clay Shoot or after a drive on a Game (wing) shoot, and often as not someone will be discussing how much lead the target should be given. And the chances are, there’ll be no shortage of expert advice on the subject.

Defining “Lead’ is easy. It mean...

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