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SP Eye Dominance Control System

Earlier this week I was delighted to receive from Steve Randles a set of his new SP Eye Dominance Control system for me to trial. I have been immediately impressed from the moment I opened the package, the comprehensive kit includes very detailed instructions on use and how to achieve best results, as well an easy guide to fitting. The concept of the SP is to stimulate the shooting eye and is designed to be effective in the peripheral vision for both the Pre Mounted Gun Up and Gun Down shooter and the instructions emphasise the importance of practice to achieve a long term result. I am going to trial the SP on my Wife Brenda, a right handed shot with the majority female trait of opposite eye dominance (left), my colleague here at GA, John Powers, who was a US Army Sniper and has tendencies for cross eye dominance due to his extensive rifle training and my good friend and past pupil Gus Kalpake who is right handed and left eye dominant, an ardent Driven Wing shooter and travels to the UK and Europe each year. So I shall see over the coming weeks how each of them respond to the SP and the effectiveness both short and long term the unit has. Thanks once again Steve for sending the SP for me to trial, I think it's brilliant how today's Shotgun Shooters have the benefit of a variety of options to choose from to solve their eye dominance issues, unlike in the past when it was either shut your eye, shoot off the opposite shoulder or end up with a Cross Over "Donkey Leg" stock. Regards, Keith.

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