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"Dunira Estate"

Hard to believe it was 11 years ago today that I had just Captained the last shoot day of the season at the wonderful 4,000 acre "Dunira Estate", in Comrie Perthshire.

It was the culmination of some 5 months work, when I had been appointed as acting Estate Manager with the task of commercialising the Estates Shooting prior to its sale.

It was one of the most demanding yet most rewarding tasks I have undertaken, with the help of the brilliant keeper, "Big" Doug Stewart, the dedicated Estate staff, who bravely put their trust in me, we successfully ran 23 Full days with bags ranging from 150 to 500! This resulted in the estate being sold to a Swedish client and most importantly all the staff being retained and keeping their jobs.

Brenda and I will always have such wonderful memories of our time there and Dunira occupies a very special place in our hearts.


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